Nokia's ex-CEO severance payment highly contestable

Nokia’s General Meeting will be held in a few days in Helsinki (June 17th). On this occasion, ECGS issued its annual proxy reporand took the opportunity to raise once again already expressed concerns at the end of 2013 regarding the amount of severance payment granted to ex-CEO Mr. Elop. Indeed, in September 2013, after having concluded the sale of D&S Business to Microsoft, Mr. Elop’s contract was amended and under the terms of the new amendment, Mr. Elop resigned from his position as CEO as of 3 September 2013 and assumed the role of Executive Vice President, Devices & Services.

Let us be clear about share repurchase !

In the context of a so-called Pact of responsibility favoring business the French Prime Minister, fellow ministers and MPs want to rein the payment of dividends by companies: if we leave these politicians to their old demagogic moons we should here understand that part of the misunderstanding comes from a gross overvaluation of the dividend actually paid to shareholders.

ECGS supports the EuroFinuse initiative on Better Finance Manifesto !

ECGS supports the initiative of EuroFinuse launched in February 2014 for better finance and improved consumer protection, long term investments and better governance. Learn more about the initiative here by reading the official press release of EuroFinuse: 

ECGS strongly supports Phitrust Active Investors engagement initiatives and encourages investors to join!

Engagement focus on Accor, Renault, Safran and Societe Generale by Phitrust Active Investors

PhiTrust Active Investors, the activist French Governance engagement fund will attempt to file external resolutions to the 2014 General Meetings of these four companies, each being led by a Chairman/CEO. 

Bankia, an expected General Meeting quieter than last year?

Bankia’s June 2013 General Meeting was the stage of some unprecedented events when thousands of small shareholders demonstrated half-naked and booed Bankia’s executives ( after having being soaked as the value of the share plummeted from around 43, 75 EUR to 1, 23 EUR at December 31, 2013 only two years after being listed on the Spanish stock exchange. 

An external shareholders' proposal wave coming from Scandinavia!

As the proxy season started, Scandinavian companies are the first to convene their general meetings. In assessing external shareholders’ resolutions at several Scandinavian general meetings which will be held soon, we found out that a minority shareholder, Mr. Kjeld Beyer which shareholdings are undisclosed, is to propose a wave of external proposals at several Danish General Meetings this year.

ECGS launches ECGS online shop ! Get any individual report on companies belonging to MSCI Europe Index and FTSE 300 at an easy and secured online payment

On, more than 450 reports on European companies’ general meetings are now easily accessible for individual order through a secured payment system. Payment can be made by credit card or by direct debit using PayPal account with an automatic sending of the report to the user e-mail address.

ECGS Conference held in London on Monday 24 February

On Monday 24th of February, ECGS partners and investors were gathered in London (Haymarket House, 28 Haymarket) to publicly present the new partnership between ECGS and the UK proxy voting agency Manifest (MIS) for the 2014 proxy season.

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